The Art of Encouragement

Why This Program?

According to Gallup research, the number one reason employees leave? Bad management!  The number one complaint? Your boss verbally tearing you down — especially when it is constant, and in front of your peers.

So, how much does a lack or encouragement cost your organization in lost productivity, employee turnover, poor morale, and lack of employee engagement?

What's Covered
What’s Covered

In this fascination presentation, you will explore the world of neuro-linguistics, and learn some of the latest findings from world of neuroscience about just exactly how words affect your brain, neurology, and emotions — and thus your overall performance & success

Your Presenter

Erl Morrell-Stinson brings his passion & expertise as an International Master Trainer of NLP, a Neuro-Semantic Meta-Coach, and a veteran Leadership Mentor & Executive Coach to this entertaining, informative, and profoundly insightful presentation.

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Summary of Intent

This topic encourages leaders to intentionally use the way they talk, specifically to build people up, instead of tearing them down and, like all great leaders, to win the hearts & minds of those they lead.

It teaches you to master the art of authentic caring & communication, building people up with words — literally “speaking courage into” their souls — and multiplying the positive impact & influence in their lives forever.

Who It Is For

Influencers who must speak to both the head & the heart, not only to impart information, but to evoke confidence, courage, and commitment to a course of action.

♦ Sales People who …
♦ Doctors, Care-Givers, & Medical Personnel who …

What You Will Learn

How You Will Grow

By the end of this presentation you will have moved from … to …

You will be able to (capability/skills) …

What You Will Gain

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“How often do we truly recognize the potential that lies within ourselves, let alone the people we lead? How do we call out the best in each other, so this potential may be realized?

It comes down to communication!  Ultimately, the essential building block of all leadership is human conversation.

It this program, you go beyond surface techniques to reach the structure of your actual communication process. (The keynote gives you inspirational insight into how powerful this can be. The seminar gives you an overview of the types of tools available to you. The workshop gives actual skills training in how to use each of the tools. The two-day retreat gets you and your team working together to transform the communication in your culture.  The Private Leadership Intensives / Executive Self-Leadership Training makes it up close and personal … plus, the Individual Coaching coaches you through specific solutions or opportunities to communicate in a more encouraging way! … The sparkle in the eyes, and the ears on the dog!) (And the online course gives content for the workshop, additional for each unit).

Together, we train you to lead with empathy, to impart and activate courage, and to engage the whole creative mind and heart in your communication process.

Become … a true master of communication — one who leads with empathy, engages loyalty, and inspires courage.