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“Helping Great Leaders Increase Their Capacity for Greater Good!”

International Speaker, Writer, Master Trainer and Executive Coach with a background of nearly thirty years in human transformation, Erl is a pioneer, innovator, advocate and champion in the cause of Collaborative Global Stewardship.

Confronted as a child with the inequities of apartheid in South Africa, Erl has devoted his life to an intense study of the human condition, with a particular emphasis on how to cultivate the mindset, habits and character that bring prosperity at a personal, corporate, and community level.

His devotion now, is to help compassionate, purpose-driven leaders develop into ambassadors, patrons, and advocates of sustainable social enterprise.

Whether in private conversation with world-class leaders, training trainers internationally, coaching six-figure executive coaches to greater significance, or helping community or national leaders transform their culture, Erl inspires leaders to greater excellence by helping them understand the inner dynamics that drive the success of both their personal, self-leadership, as well as the effectiveness of their public leadership & success.

Speaking Topics
The Art of Encouragement

This profound insight into the power of authentic, caring conversation, reveals the effect of a leaders communication on the culture & productivity of their organization, and the morale of their team.¬† Both concept, and technical ‘how to’ that will transform the way you communicate as a leader.

Offerings & Rates
Keynote Address

Enlightening & evoking profound insight & awareness
$4,800 – $7,200

Half-Day Workshop

Experiential learning in an intensely transformative experience
$2,400 – $3,600

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