Extreme Influence

Helping you, as a purpose-driven leader master the art of increasing influence, meaning, and significance in your life, work, and spiritual expression.

Discover it. Develop it. Deploy it …
Doing so, always, for the greater good!

The exceptional speakers of Extreme Influence encourage  & inspire you to take the next step as a leader, and grow your present Success into future Significance. To become a blessing to your community, and society as a whole.

As you grow from self-leadership, to eventually a leader in your community, we help you affirm the calling you have on your life to benefit others, and to use your unique gifts & talents to bless the people around you — where you work, live, or play — in a way that only you can.

Then, having identified & developed your particular contribution to your community, continue to collaborate with others to multiply its effect, until you have achieved an extreme influence for the greater good.